Baseball Update

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Thank you all who responded to the survey, we had over 150 responses, which was awesome! This weekend the board and commissioners met to review the current situation, information received on the survey, and discussed what the viable options were. Many parents have children who play other sports and they are waiting for those decisions to be made, many are not comfortable with the current pandemic, and many have other summer plans. It hasn’t been easy, believe me I know. Based on all these things, we have decided to cancel the spring season. We wouldn’t have been able to deliver a solid, educational, and fun season to kids. I sincerely feel for the kids, but from a league stance, this is the right decision.

1. Refund checks will be issued to everyone. The people who have already dontated your fees, thank you! Due to the way our finances are set up, it is easier just to cut everyone a check and start clean moving forward. Over 200 checks will need to be written by hand, so patience on that please. We will do our best to get them out ASAP!

2. We will set up a couple nights in the next 2 weeks so you can pick up your spirit wear order and volunteer checks.

3. We will be offering an instructional East Penn summer baseball camp from June 22-July 17 for anyone interested. The sign up link for that should be out by the end of the week. $40 for 2 evenings a week. We will run drills and provide instruction, as well have some age appropriate pick up games and fire up the lights from time to time.

4. All leagues are gearing up for a larger fall ball season. These meetings will happen over the next 2 weeks and East Penn will defiantly be a part of this.

5. Teener ball and intermediate ball are still up in the air for the summer. Leagues are still discussing.

We tried our best, but I just didn’t want to rush in to providing something that wasn’t right...

If anyone has any questions, please reach out to me directly. Emails will be coming out with this and more information soon.

I wish you all the best


Michael L. Leavitt